Gold Price: $1,861.16. Forecasts: $2,275. News: Gold prices are slumping, "unlikely to turn into a rout", the origins of ‘space gold’.
Gold Price: $1952.59. Forecasts: $1,765 to $20,000. News: UBS is bullish on gold, gold from Switzerland to U.S, domestic gold production in Turkey.
Gold Price: $1945.51. Forecasts: $2,300 to $5,000. News: US unemployment benefits and gold, why gold could stay high, gold continues to glitter for inv…
Gold Price: $1934.00. Forecasts: $2,200. News: Record demand to invest in gold, Turkey, Qatar, India and Kazakhstan boost gold holdings, buying gold wi…
Gold Price: $1946.34. Forecasts: $3,000, $5,500. News: How long can the gold rally last? Upward gold price trajectory to accelerate, $5,000 gold could …
Gold Price: $1939.14. Forecasts: $1,660, $2300, $2,500. News: A new gold standard? Buffett undergoes a conversion on gold, Amazon's ‘Gold Vault’.
Gold Price: $1947.01. Gold price saw biggest daily drop in 7 years.
Gold Price: $2060.88. Gold price over $2,000/oz for the first time in history, the rally may just be starting, $7,000 by 2030?
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